Coasters, round and square 9x9 cm

6 pieces 240 sek

For resellers, please contact Fanny for resale prices.

Photo art

On uncoated non glossy paper of highest quality c-print paper. Delivery time is 14 days.

50 x 70 cm 1350 sek

70 x 100 sek 1800 sek


Photo art

On plexiglass 5 mm + mounting strip, profil 20 mm. Delivery time is 20 days.

50 x 70 cm 4050 sek

70 x 100 cm 5050 sek


Photo art

On Dibond + mounting strip ( profil 20 mm ) Delivery time is 20 days.

50 x 70 cm 3700 sek

70 x 100 cm 4300 sek 


Fine art poster prints

On Hahnemule, bright white paper, 210 gram with white border around the image. Delivery time is 14 days. The image is supplied in tube of pasteboard.

30 x 40 cm 460 sek

50 x 70 cm 640 sek

70 x 100 cm 1150 sek

124 x 168 cm 2350 is on other more durable paper ( Ballet essence ) 


When ordering more than ten pictures (package price) in one order, price and delivery time may change. All prices above are inklusive VAT. Prices may change due to changed printing prices or other reasons. 

Please contact Fanny if interested in producing patterns and products, 
for price inquiry, consultation and to see more designs and colourways for existing products. 
Fanny is also making designs on order from companies.

Please contact Fanny Oldenburg for questions about orders, prices and product consultation.

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